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Diesel Dye

Fuel Theft Solutions Ltd and DieselDye are both based and manufactured in the United Kingdom therefore assuring you peace of mind that the products we supply are made in accordance with British Standards and have ISO 9000 quality approval.

Diesel can account for up to 42% of the running cost within the transport industry
With rising operating costs no company big or small can afford to lose diesel through theft.

What is diesel theft costing your business?

Are your vehicles being targeted by outside thieves who monitor your depot activity and steal your fuel when your vehicles are left unattended, or is an opportunist employee taking fuel for his personal fleet? To make unsubstantiated accusations can lead to a potential legal case for slander /defamation and an open cheque book at a tribunal. It is important to get it right first time! Use Diesel Dye!

If fuel is being stolen by an outside force the fact that your fuel is marked blue using “Diesel Dye” will make it far less re-saleable and the thieves are more inclined to find an alternative source of fuel.

Covert Dye

Covert Dye can help identify the source of the fuel to ascertain whether it has originated from your stock tank thus enabling you peace of mind that You have got it covered and that you are taking proactive steps to rid yourself  of internal theft issues. Once added to the stock tank all the diesel is marked covertly at a ratio of  10,000 :1.  This colourless application is most effective in identifying internal theft by employees who are taking your fuel without authorisation. Once you have obtained a sample of fuel, approximately 50ml , from a suspect  you add   3-5 drops of the supplied reagent , if it is your pre marked fuel you will see this sample change to a strong green colour which will indicate that you have a positive result.

This is proving a  most effective tool in the fight against  internal fuel theft.

Click here to find out about our range of Diesel Dyes and Covert markers.
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